I remember the moment that started this endeavor; it was the first day of Ramadan and I was urged by family and friends to read the entire Quran. I would be given great deeds they said, a fact I didn’t dispute. Yet I couldn’t get myself to do so; for what is the purpose of reading without understanding? Of reciting without learning? During that moment of desperation, I decided to go against the norms; I wouldn’t just read the Quran, I would study it.I must admit such a path was exciting yet enormously difficult. It was a task that would require dedication, utmost faith, and above all else, patience.

Suffice to say, the choice I made on that day changed my life. However, I couldn’t help but pity the non-Arab speaking audience. I have attempted to read the English translation of the Quran and I was shocked to discover how such an elegant and eloquently written message can be completely destroyed by the process of translation. The content and the beauty of the language all taken away by the stroke of a pen. It was thus natural of me to attempt to rectify the situation.

Though I realize this problem can never be solved, I maintain that this dire situation can definitely be improved.  For this, I bring you “Al Kitab”, a book I hope can shine light on the structure, purpose, and magnificence of the Holy Quran. The book will be made available for free in the publishing section. It is not yet complete; the process might take a few years. Rather, the purpose is to release a chapter every few weeks and give the readers the opportunity to dwell on each work’s findings.

Al Kitab is the center piece of The Renaissance Project; in fact, it inspired it. I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I only ask that you share this work with family and friends and help spread the word.

Thank you

Note on Translation:
I strongly advise the reader to pay attention to Arabic extracts of the Quranic verses only. I will try my best to summarize the message in the English language but I am afraid that could never substitute the meaning derived by reading the text in its original format.

Part 1- The Cosmos
Part 2- Earth
Part 3- Life
Part 4 - Conclusion