In-House Publications

GCC Economies: Growth and Decline?

GCC Economies: Growth and Decline?

The paper explores the magnificent rise of GCC economies and their transformation into becoming the major economic powerhouses in the MENA region. It then explores whether the recent decline in oil prices will endanger this new found status. Will GCC economies fall prey to the pressure exerted by low oil prices? or will they continue rising?

Distributive Justice in Islam

Distributive Justice in Islam

This article explores the origins of distributive justice in Islamic thought. It provides evidence that distributive justice is championed by Islam and proposes the enforcement of zakat in countries willing to adopt elements of Islamic law.

What is Bayt Al Hikmah

Bayt Al Hikmah (translated from arabic into "The House of Wisdom") is a non-for-profit, online academic publishing house that aims to become the biggest knowledge portal in the region serving content to academics, students, corporations, and the general public alike.


What Kind of Content?


Content will  cover scientific and social science fields in both Arabic and English.

The content will agglomerate knowledge from 3 different sources:


  • Content developed by Arab researchers and authors stretching from 600AD to the current day

  • In-house development: New content developed by Bayt Al Hikmah’s team

  • Content developed in other regions (which will be translated into Arabic).


What Are Our Objectives?


Our mission is to promote education and research in the Arab world by:
(1) Providing consumers with free access to wide range of content and material

(2) Promoting Arab academia and raising the profile of Arab academics
(3) Supporting Arab authors in their research and providing them with a platform for mass distribution.  


When Will The Website Be Ready?


Bayt Al Hikmah is a long way from completion and our team is working tirelessly to launch this institution. In the meantime, you can access some of our in-house produced papers below. Stay tuned for more updates.