Developing Human

Help alleviate poverty and develop the region's brightest minds through sponsoring students or continue your education by applying for a scholarship today!

What We Do

The Renaissance Project's Scholarship Program aims to

(1) Promote the study of sciences, engineering, mathematics and technology among Middle Eastern youth
(2) Alleviate poverty through education and
(3) Develop a cadre of high potential individuals capable of inducing significant changes to the community

It does so through:

University Scholarships

We provide  all-expense paid scholarships to disadvantaged youth pursuing education in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and technology

Training Programs and Competitions

We enroll students in training programs and competitions that develop key skills and competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, and team work

Employment Services

We offer career advice and internship and job placement opportunities for the program’s graduates

Which Countries We Operate In and Which Universities We Sponsor

Country Choice Criteria

1. Political Stability

2. Financial Need of Population

University Choice Criteria

1. Tuition Fees

2. Academic Reputation in STEM Fields

Our Students

Number of Students and Graduates 2012 - 2015

* Expected

Scholarship Students by Gender 2014

Our Partners