Our scholarships cover university tution fees in full. Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

(1) Must study a Science, Engineering, Technology or Mathematics major
(2) Must be accepted to one of our approved universities. See which Universities we sponsor
(3) Must provide evidence of strong academic performance, especially in the fields of science and mathematics. Minimum scores of “A” or “6” in GCSE or IB systems respectively are required. “Thanawiya al Ama” will be assessed on a country by country basis

(4) Must demonstrate the need for financial aid based on, but not restricted to, the following factors: family income, asssets, and number of family dependents.

(5) Must not be a recipient of any other full scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

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Complete Application Form

Complete and submit application form to therenaissanceproj@gmail.com by Septmeber 15th 2015

You will also need to submit your personal statement (Please refer to application form), copies of your official high school transcript, a copy of your university acceptance, any test scores deemed relevant such as SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS, and proof of financial need


Applicants who meet the criteria listed above and complete their applications successfully will be asked to attend an interview at the Promise Welfare Society headquarters in Amman. Applicants will be assessed by a panel based on their critical thinking and problem solving skills, academic performance, creativity, and character. 

Attend Interview


You will be informed of our final decision no more than a week after your interview. Please be aware than 25% of applicants meeting the criteria above obtain funding in any given year. Student funding extends to the entire length of the program and will only be lost in case of disciplinary action or if the student's overall gpa drops below 80% (3.2/4)

Final Confirmation