Gifts for Good
Help the Children of Syria

She has to remain strong, but she simply cannot keep her tears at bay; her house lies in ruins, her husband among the dead, and her beautiful children, all under the age of five, are traumatized, hungry, and scared. She tries to escape the violence by leaving the country, but no country will have her. As she cries for help, Rawan finally stumbles on a camp inside Syria right next to the Turkish border, 13 km away from Reyhani. She has found a glimpse of hope here, for in this village the Olive Tree Camp, run by charities such as the Maram Foundation is providing food, shelter, and basic necessities for Syrians displaced by the conflict. An estimated 25000 people live in this camp, of which 15 thousand are under the age of 15, and around 4 are under the age of three.















As the camp size continues to grow, foundations are finding it increasingly difficult to provide for refugees. Water, food, and clothing are in severe shortage. But what is most absent from the camp is a sense of normality. Laughter, play, and education have all taken a back seat in this troubled times. To this I sit down and wonder, are the children of Syria not entitled to embrace their childhood? Are they not entitled to receive gifts for Eid? Books for their education? Decent clothing?


This Ramadan, The Renaissance Project aims to bring a smile to the face of every single child in the Olive Tree Camp. Join us throughout the holy month in contributing to this amazing campaign that aims to provide clothes, toys, and books to syrian children. You can help by:


1. Dropping off used toys, clothes and books at the following locations during Ramadan:


  • Hollywood Tans (Marks and Spencer building – Futooh Al Khair Mall)

  • Boulavard (Next to Raha Mall)

  • Apicae (Khaldiya)


2. Alternatively, you can buy new toys and clothes from any retailer, or get a special discount from Toys R Us Abu Dhabi Mina Branch. Ask their staff for toys designated to the Syrian campaign: giftsforgood, purchase new items, and we will collect them directly from the store.    


3. Spread the word!